How much does rehab cost?

How much does it cost to go to rehab for drugs or alcohol.

This is a question we are asked daily.  Rehab Cost also one of the most searched terms on the internet about drug and alcohol addiction.

As you can imagine there is no simple answer to this question.  There a numerous variables that can affect the price and this is why Habitat Therapeutics encourages you to call us so we can discuss.  But I know you came to this page seeking information so we will try and give you a basic understanding of our pricing (which are very market competitive as you will see if you conduct some research).

As of November 2018 our Rehab Cost is as follows:

30 Day Residential (live in) Stay            $ 8’000 + GST

60 Day Residential (live in) Stay            $ 15’000 +GST

90 Day Residential (live in) Stay            $ 22’000 +GST

*If you have a working history you may be able to access your superannuation to pay for your treatment.  We can assist with this process.  Call us for more information.

 The above prices include the following:

*Our prices may vary from time to time.  There are also other charges that may apply depending on the complexity of the client and their addictions.

Items that are not included in the above prices and vary significantly depending on the client include:

If you require further information please call us on 1300 262 820.  We can advise the best way forward and after assessment provide you with a detailed quote.