Ongoing Care

Option 1: Transitional Housing

Many clients who successfully complete our program choose to enter a second stage of recovery referred to as Transition. Put simply they are placed in a residential house that is controlled by Habitat with other addicts who have completed our program. The client is monitored and continues with informal counselling sessions. While in this stage they will be required to complete certain daily activities to assist in strengthening their recovery. The benefits of Transition include:

Option 2: Out-Patient Care

An alternative to Transitional Housing is to participate in our outpatient program. The client, generally while living with loved ones, will have access to Counsellors and be required to attend our facility for activities including; regular contact visits, group therapy sessions, educational sessions and drug/alcohol testing.
During this phase clients will be encouraged to participate in activities which promote productive time use including; completing further education, attending 12 step meetings, giving back to the community in a voluntary role or beginning paid work duties.