Habitat Therapeutics is registered as a private hospital by the Department of Health and Human Services and approved to conduct detoxification. This should always be done with the assistance of a Doctor (GP) and nursing staff. We urge you not to treat this step lightly as many addicts have experienced seizures during attempted unsupervised detoxification. On occasions, there have been deaths.  We are skilled and able to assist with this step upon entry into one of our programs.

We understand that anyone afflicted by drug and alcohol issues may hit a rock bottom and be open to entering a recovery program immediately. Unnecessarily delaying their entry may give them time to change their mind. At Habitat we will consider taking in such clients after a detailed assessment process to ensure their safety, the safety of our staff and the other clients at the facility. There are additional costs associated with this service as we need to have dedicated staff to assist with the detox phase. Please contact Habitat and speak with one of our staff to discuss this option.

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